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About us

IATEFL Slovenia is above all a community. Everybody brings into it and takes out whatever they feel appropriate and we are lucky enough that our members are dedicated to their profession and consider it their mission rather than just a job.

We offer a base for all those teachers who strive to become the best versions of themselves by offering independent, innovative and up-to-date seminars and conferences, regularly keeping our members informed through articles in our newsletters and sharing interesting and relevant information through our social networks on FB and Twitter.

In the world, where being informed is a MUST, can you afford to miss out on any of that?

Ideas     Aspirations     Training     Enthusiasm     Fun     Love for teaching
Because we are social beings and we need to belong, because we want what is best for our learners and ourselves, because in the flood of information, good ideas are even more valuable, because we can choose to keep still or speak out loud, because we care to share, because we have not forgotten why we have become teachers in the first place.
This is why IATEFL Slovenia is the association of our choice.

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